Benefits for Parents

Welcome to the future of education! Online learning is a powerful innovation for student learning. However, Open Campus PA courses are not an easy road. Classes are rigorous, the pace is brisk and teachers maintain high academic expectations. Students require self-discipline and intrinsic motivation to do well in Open Campus courses. If you know your son or daughter is up for the challenge, you’ll discover many advantages:

Local Teachers You Know and Trust
Unlike commercial virtual school programs, all Open Campus PA courses are taught by experienced and highly-qualified high school teachers from each partner school district. Our teachers designed and developed the online curriculum, adhering to the same quality learning objectives and expectations established in the face-to-face classroom. We maintain a personal interest in each and every one of our students.

High Academic Standards
Our three large districts have high academic expectations for all students, both traditional and virtual. We work to ensure your son or daughter is receiving the most well-rounded and standards-based education available.

Flexible Schedule Options
We know that traditional school schedules may not work for all students all of the time. Open Campus courses offer your child the freedom to learn at a more convenient time and place. Virtual courses are perfect for busy schedules and for gaining access to courses that may not fit into your child’s traditional schedule.

Preparing Students for Higher Education

Most colleges and universities now offer a variety of courses and even entire degree programs online. The experience of taking an online course during high school will be highly valuable in preparing your child for success in these types of learning environments.

Preparing Students for the Workplace
Businesses are turning to E-Learning as the preferred method of training. Open Campus courses provide a similar online training experience and may give your child an advantage in the workplace.

Setting the Stage for Lifelong Learning
Online degree programs, Khan Academy, MOOCs, edX . . .  e-Learning has exploded in popularity in all facets of education. An Open Campus course will help your child prepare for life after high school and can pave the way for a lifetime of learning and growing.

Reducing Your Taxes
Open Campus has the potential to save millions of tax dollars through more efficient facility usage, reduced operating expenses, and the elimination of costs associated with construction and maintenance. In addition, every year Pennsylvania’s public schools lose millions of dollars in state funding when students opt to attend cyber charter schools, thereby increasing the local tax burden. Open Campus PA provides a quality in-house online program where students can earn a home school district diploma that is respected by all colleges and the military.  Open Campus PA is an attractive online option that will keep cyber school dollars in our local communities and educate our students following the highest standards of quality.