Tech Skills and System Requirements

Students should posses the technical skills listed below before signing up for an online or hybrid class. Help will be available on a limited basis in the high school library on certain evenings (depending on , but students are responsible for using the applications necessary for completing their coursework.

  • Ability to use Google Docs – students should be familiar with the operation of Google Docs for creating, sharing, and collaborating on word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation documents.
  • Ability to use Moodle – most course materials will be available in Moodle. While work will be performed in other applications, students should be comfortable browsing Moodle and searching through class resources.
  • Ability to use office productivity software – software such as Microsoft Office, LibreOffice (free), Apple Pages, Numbers, and Keynote can be used as an alternative to Google Docs. Certain courses may require submitting a project as a PDF which can be exported from any of these applications.
  • Ability to use page layout software – certain courses may require the use of page layout software such as Apple’s Pages, Microsoft Publisher, Scribus (free) or Adobe InDesign. Courses will not require a specific application, so any of these applications can be used depending on what is available to the student.
  • Ability to participate in audio and video conferences – all online and hybrid courses will involve some sort of live communication with a teacher. This could include a class discussion with multiple people, a quick conversation with a teacher for answering a question, or a group collaboration project involving several other students. Students should be able to participate in an audio or video chat free from interruptions. An external mic and headset are highly recommended.

Hardware and System Requirements

Students are required to have access to a computer meeting the minimum system requirements listed below and an Internet connection. While using your own computer for coursework is strongly encouraged, the participant districts may have laptops available for loan or rental.

Most desktop and laptop systems released in the past 3 years should have sufficient hardware to properly access course content. The following recommended specifications should be considered:

  • Windows 7, 8, or 10
  • Mac OS 10.9 or later
  • Linux – Ubuntu 14.04 or later is suggested, other distributions may be supported
  • Intel Core Duo, AMD fusion or faster processors, 4 GB of RAM or better
  • A fully updated web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or IE)
  • Integrated or USB webcam
  • Speakers or headphones and a mic
  • Sufficient hard drive capacity to store learning artifacts and projects
  • A high-speed DSL or cable modem connection or better is required

Essentials for Online Learning – Open Campus PA Course Tutorial

For the 2015-16 school year – All students new to Open Campus PA will be required to complete a short (approximately 1-hour) online course tutorial, Essentials for Online Learning. New students will be automatically enrolled in this course and provided with a required completion date.  The tutorial course must be completed before the student may begin his/her enrolled course.