Technology Help

Q: What general software packages should be used for Open Campus courses?

A: Most courses will require a general office suite such as Microsoft Office, LibreOffice (free) or GoogleDocs (free). A current web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer) is essential. Note that some courses may require other software packages due to specific requirements. Specific requirements will be included in the course syllabus.

Q: Where can I find my Open Campus course?

A: All courses can be found on the Open Campus PA Moodle site:

Q: What email address will be utilized by Open Campus students?

A: Students will not receive a new Open Campus email account. They may use a personal email address or, an email address provided by the home district (, Gmail, Yahoo, etc). Teachers may also use the messaging feature in Moodle.

Q: Where do teachers and students go for help?

A: Each partner district offers individual support:

Hempfield: or call the Technology Department at 717.898.5596

Penn Manor: Students may visit the High School Student Help Desk in room 200, call 717.872.9500 x1776, or open a ticket at:

Q: Should students maintain an avatar?

A: Yes. Students are encouraged to create a school-appropriate avatar as a profile picture. Teachers and students may change their profile pictures in Moodle by navigating to “Settings” – “Edit Profile Settings” – “User Picture.”