OpenCampusPA is a unique education experience. Learn what it is like to be part of the program through the first-person accounts of our students, teachers and parents.

Ked Kantz – Open Campus Social Studies Teacher, Manheim Township SD

Technology is, arguably, the language of our students in today’s interconnected world. As we seek to engage our students, we, as educators, must speak this language. The Open Campus initiative helps facilitate this in a meaningful way. Open Campus allows us new avenues to teach the 21st Century skills of collaboration and communication, which will be absolute necessities for the next generation of global learners.

Open Campus allows us to teach a variety of subjects across disciplines and across districts. Students have the opportunity to get out of their “bubbles” and broaden their horizons. With new opportunities come new challenges. It is true that Open Campus requires students to be personally and academically driven. Students are given more responsibility for their learning and to be a successful Open Campus student one must be disciplined and organized. Learning such skills in high school is a great asset for any student looking to continue their education in college, where online learning is also expanding.

Programs like Open Campus teach students, and teachers for that matter, how to build relationships in a digital age. Together, we learn how to be respectful, responsible digital learners. It is these skills that our students will be called upon to have in the global marketplace they are entering. Why not get started learning these things right away?

Scott & Laura Fiore – Open Campus Parent, Manheim Township SD

So far this semester we are quite pleased with the Open Campus Program.  This style of learning has been a success for our daughter.  For a generation raised online we have seen our daughter take naturally to working and communicating electronically.

Our daughter has excelled in some classes and had some setbacks in others.  She’s learned first-hand the consequences of falling behind, but at the same time has also learned to successfully collaborate in an electronic environment with students from other districts.  We continue to be excited about the program and look forward to its expansion.

Mary Mathews – Open Campus Parent, Hempfield SD

My daughter had the chance take one of the Open Campus online classes during the first semester of the 2011-12 school year.  This was such a great opportunity for her.  During the semester, she also had two traditional classes that were AP level, was involved in many extra curricular activities and had a part time job, which meant she didn’t have much free time.  With the online class, I liked the fact that she was able to set her own pace throughout the week of what she needed to get completed.  If she knew that she had an extra busy time coming up with other classes or activities, she could work ahead in this class for the week and get the assignments done early.  This was a great preparation for college next year when time management is essential.

The support given by the teacher met my expectations as well.  I was a little concerned at first that if she needed help with something, she wouldn’t be able to get in touch with the teacher or the teacher might not respond to her messages.  There was nothing to be concerned about, however, since the teacher was always very prompt in getting back to her when she needed help.

I hope the school districts continue to expand on the variety of courses that will be offered for Open Campus.  I have a daughter in the eighth grade as well and I am looking forward to the opportunities that she will have as this program expands.